Final contest of startup ideas competition for students IU.

The startup event is not just a playground for students and alumni to try out business, but also a bridge to help older generations pass on valuable lessons for the young.

Today, 28/09/2017, in the hall A2.409 took place the final contest of startup ideas competition for students IU.

Throughout the rounds, the owner of four attractive and feasible business projects has officially entered the final round of the creative contest. The four schemes include:

  • Auction Floor Vbiz Vietnam.
  • High-tech agricultural solutions following the model of “industrial 4.0”
  • with discount solution
  • with support services, meeting the real needs of students.

Through the presentations of the groups, the judges made comments, analyzing the strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings of each project. Most of the shortcomings identified by the judges are from plans, financial projections.

Finishing the final round, the jury awarded 3 best and most feasible projects:

  • The first prize belongs to hi-tech agricultural solution under the model of “industrial 4.0”.
  • Second prize is Vbiz Vietnam Auction.
  • Third Prize with

Through this contest, the contestants have equipped themselves with the very important items to continue with his passion and enthusiasm.

With the winning projects, you will be supported by the Technology Incubator and Startup Center to build projects and turn dreams into reality.